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Cori Lefkowith is the founder of Redefining Strength, a personal training facility in Mission Viejo, California. Cori’s fitness career began in college where she competed in both tennis and powerlifting, quickly standing out from the competition. However, an injury set her back and caused her to reassess her training program. Cori discovered that there was a more sustainable approach to fitness – and that’s when she founded Redefining Strength. Cori started off selling training e-books for only $9.99 and has since grown her business to 46 coaches and over 700 clients! 

“Every entrepreneur will face multiple challenges while building their business, but you grow stronger from overcoming them – you learn new things, find better ways of doing things, and create new avenues for yourself.”

Before Everfit, Online Training was Unreliable.

Cori transitioned to online training because she wanted to reach more clients. However, different clients needed different levels of coaching and there wasn’t any software that allowed Cori to monitor and maintain all these clients. She ended up spreading various clients across various software platforms based on their training needs – which resulted in confusion and frustration. Cori needed a way to seamlessly view and train all of her clients at scale.

Tiered Coaching Packages – with Everfit

Problem: Cori sold ebooks and offered one-on-one coaching packages, but she had difficulty expanding into other services.

When Cori first started training clients online, she had to send out ebooks and programs as PDFs or excel sheets. These formats lacked versatility and made it difficult for Cori to launch new training programs.

With Everfit, Cori is now able to have all of her programs available for clients based on what they’re looking for. Her highest tier of coaching involves a high-touch supportive experience from her trainers that guides clients through their coaching journey. She also offers lower touch solutions to guide clients with more experience through programs that fit their needs. 

Now that Cori can easily provide both one-on-one coaching and group coaching, her business has grown from 50 to 800 clients. She truly has a program that works for everyone!

Consolidated Training & Communication – with Everfit

Problem: Cori was working with multiple software to run her business and it was difficult for clients to navigate. 

Like most trainers, Cori was using a variety of apps to run her training business. She was sending client programs via ebooks, billing via one software, tracking nutrition via another, and monitoring client metrics via yet another software. Cori needed an all-in-one solution. Thankfully, she found Everfit. 

Everfit keeps all of Cori’s training information and communication in one place, regardless of which coaching program a client selects or switches into. Cori now boasts a 90% retention rate because clients can easily stay in her program at a lower tier or even come back up to a higher level if they need more assistance with their training – all without switching apps.

Community Engagement – with Everfit

Problem: Client engagement was extremely difficult before Cori found Everfit. 

Before Everfit, Cori tried to build community through social media group pages. However, not every client had a social media account, and even those who did often overlooked the group page. Needless to say, Cori was disappointed.

Now that she uses Everfit, Cori has found better engagement. The in-app community forum makes it easy for all clients to participate and engage with her and with each other. A communal leaderboard also inspires clients to keep improving and allows Cori to present awards for lifting volume and PRs to add a sense of accomplishment for clients. 

With Everfit, Cori’s retention rate went from just 5% to 90% because clients want to stay on the training app. The tiered coaching options allow clients to train at a level appropriate for their goals and the in-app communication allows Cori to encourage, motivate, and check in on her clients anytime. Cori believes Everfit’s client-centered approach is key to her high retention rate as well as her high client referral rate.

What Cori Loves Most about Everfit:

  1. Awards & Notifications: Clients screenshot and share their achievements on social media all the time. The awards provide clients with a unique way to share their progress with friends and family and to stay engaged with their training program. Everfit also notifies clients when they hit personal records so clients know when they’re getting closer to their goals.
  2. Leaderboard & Forum: Forums and leaderboards can be customized to fit any coaching style. Cori uses forums for groups of clients to provide more connection at scale. Rather than sending many messages to clients throughout the week, Cori can communicate with groups of clients simultaneously so they can still receive a high-touch coaching experience.
  3. Team Workspace: Cori now has 45 trainers on her team. The team workspace allows her to manage her trainers’ clients and check up on their programming all from one dashboard. She can also communicate through Everfit with her coaches. The workspace provides oversight so Cori can make sure her training is running smoothly.

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