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    Share Documents, Forms, and Resources

    Share Documents,
    Forms, and Resources

    Share Documents, Forms, and Resources

    Create and share a variety of resources with your clients all in one place.

    • Weekly check-in forms
    • Nutrition and Training documents, PDFs
    • Gym hours and information links
    • Booking & scheduling links

    Launch a Library of
    On-demand Workouts

    Build an extensive library of custom workouts, skills training, and recovery routines your clients can access anytime.

    • Provide additional workouts
    • Offer video-based skills training courses
    • Create your own database of searchable workouts
    • Share a collection of exercise videos

    Offer On-demand
    Multi-week Training Programs

    Deliver multi-week programs that clients can start, stop, pause on their own.

    • Provide low-touch online training tier
    • Offer ancillary programs like yoga, barre, pilates to your clients
    • Add a low-touch option for existing in-person clients

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