Chad Ryan Runs a 6-Figure Training Business with Everfit

Tired of random notebooks filled with workouts, Chad needed software that would keep him organized and simplify programming.

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Chad Ryan is a successful personal trainer at Flex Gym in Seattle, Washington. So successful, in fact, that he has surpassed a 6-figure income and accumulated over 100 clients. Before becoming a full time trainer, Chad worked in IT consulting and then real estate. He would train clients on the side for some extra income but soon realized that he enjoyed coaching far more than his other jobs. So he made a career switch. Chad now trains full-time with an emphasis on “improving complex motor skills, building lean muscle, and maximizing his client’s athletic potential.” He has a passion for new clients who are less confident in the gym and is determined to help each of them find their strength, both physically and mentally.

“I approach training as if I’m trying to teach clients the exercises for life. I want them to learn how to do this so they can go into the gym and do it on their own.” 

Before Everfit, Keeping Track of Client Notes was Nearly Impossible.

As a trainer, Chad wanted to focus on progressing his programming so clients would be challenged and grow stronger over time. However, he was stuck using notebooks. He’d write down a workout, then flip back multiple pages to see a client’s previous lift performance so he could update the current programming. During the actual training session, Chad would bring the notebook with him and struggle to find the correct page with the appropriate workout. Then he’d manually record the lifts and hope he could remember where to find the information later. Continually repeating this process was unsustainable and Chad knew he needed to find another solution.

I had a stack of like 15 notebooks, everybody had their own notebook

Workout Tracking – with Everfit

Problem: Recording and accessing workout data was inconvenient.

In order to program a new workout, Chad needed to know how a client’s previous workout was executed. Did they lift the prescribed amount for the correct number of reps? And sets? Unfortunately, Chad had no good way of recording or accessing this data.

Thankfully, he discovered Everfit.

Everfit’s intuitive workout builder gives Chad insights into every part of a client’s workout. He can program the specific weights, reps, and sets that should be performed for any given exercise, then see exactly what a client does (or doesn’t) complete. Chad is able to easily go back and reference past workouts or even duplicate them. No more flipping through notebooks!

Now Chad’s business has greater flexibility. He’s developed a hybrid program where clients alternate between training with him in-person and training with him on Everfit’s app. Either way, all the workout data is stored in one place.

Efficient Programming – with Everfit

Problem: Disorganized workouts that can’t be duplicated.

Before Everfit, Chad found himself constantly programming new workouts. This was time-consuming and frustrating, but Chad didn’t have any other options. Workouts were written down on pieces of paper which easily ended up lost or destroyed. And even if Chad managed to type up a workout, there was no online organization and the files ended up scattered.

That’s when Chad found Everfit.

The online training platform allows Chad to schedule workouts ahead of time and keep track of variations within programming. Now, he can categorize workouts according to intensity, duration, or any custom criteria using Everfit’s tagging system. He can also reuse workouts – without any information getting lost. Chad saves hours every week with Everfit!

Improved Client Retention – with Everfit

Problem: No tools to showcase client progress. 

Chad has always believed that progress visualization is key to client retention; clients need to see how they’re improving in order for them to keep believing in a coaching method. The problem was that Chad didn’t have any way to show clients their progress. He didn’t have access to charts, graphs, or other compelling statistics.

Everfit provided an all-in-one solution.

Everfit automatically tracks every client’s workout and logs performance for each exercise. The metrics are displayed to both client and coach, providing an accurate snapshot of progress over time. This feature has helped Chad boost client retention and client confidence.

What Chad Loves Most about Everfit:

  1. Virtual Training: Everfit expanded Chad’s business by enabling him to train clients online. In fact, he even went back and emailed 83 previous clients to tell them that he now offers virtual coaching!
  2. Data & Statistics: With Everfit, it’s finally possible to have a prescriptive program and measure progress. All without sacrificing countless hours every week!
  3. Flexible Training: Everfit adapts to all situations: personal training, group training, in-person training, remote training, hybrid training, weight training, bodyweight training, etc. During the pandemic, Chad bought fitness equipment and put it in his “workout wagon.” He then dropped it off at people’s houses and assigned them workouts through Everfit. The app’s flexibility kept his business going during an extremely difficult time.

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