Team up, incredibly

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Onboard a new trainer, in minutes

Grow your team with ease by using shared workouts, templates, and forms.

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Deliver consistent training experience

Develop a library of high quality training assets you can roll out with any trainer.

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Access a Bird’s eye view of your team

Keep a pulse on your team’s performance with team wide analytics.

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Share training assets with your team

Give your team the tools to collaborate. Share templates, workouts, and programs in just a few clicks.

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Organize team resources, all in one place

We make it simple to store, organize, and share all of your exercises videos, workouts, programs, and more.

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Team reporting, in seconds

See team wide data or check in on a specific trainer. Create and save the reports that are most important to you!

Manage with ease

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Manage your team, big or small, with different permission levels.

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Shared libraries

Support your team and onboard new team members in minutes with shared assets.

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Create and share templates. Deliver consistent training materials to all your customers.

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Introducing Autoflow

Enabling you to run online challenges to acquire new clients and automate group training tasks to nurture existing clients.

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illustration of autoflow feature on Everfit
illustration of autoflow feature on Everfit
illustration of autoflow feature on Everfit

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