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When a motorcycle accident derailed his plans, Andrew needed a solution for online training. 

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Andrew Rose is the owner of Vanguard Barbell, an online coaching business that focuses on strengthening people from all walks of life, most particularly men over the age of thirty. Andrew’s passion for training others began when he was an injured collegiate athlete. Team medics didn’t put much effort into rehabilitating his injury, so Andrew conducted his own research. As he learned more about kinesiology and human anatomy, Andrew quickly realized that this knowledge was the key to leading a healthy, injury-free life. So he took the leap, became a personal trainer, and never looked back. 

“Figure out who you are and stick to that.”

Before Everfit, Coaching Wasn’t Flexible.

As a personal trainer with over twenty years of experience, Andrew knew how to attract clients and develop an effective training program. What he didn’t know was that an unexpected motorcycle accident would leave him physically unable to train clients for an extended period of time. This paradigm shift forced Andrew to look for a new way of coaching. He needed something flexible yet equally reliable. And that’s when he found Everfit. 

Better Client Accountability – with Everfit.

Problem: Andrew needed a way to monitor client activity and progress from afar.

When Andrew trained clients in person, he knew exactly how they were performing. But as he thought about transitioning to online training, Andrew had no idea how he would keep clients on track and accountable.

Everfit had the answer.

Everfit syncs the client app with the coaching app so Andrew is able to view a client’s training progress in real-time. He can see exactly when a client begins their workout, when they log exercises, and when they mark a workout as complete. This empowers Andrew to hold his clients accountable – without compromising his personal life. He doesn’t have to text clients, asking if they did a workout. He doesn’t get random emails regarding next week’s programming. Everything is contained within Everfit. And every client is prepared for success.

Professionalism & Brand Awareness – with Everfit

Problem: Andrew needed to communicate his brand identity to remote clients.

With clients scattered across the country, Andrew knew that a successful online training business would require a consistent brand identity. But he didn’t know where to start.

It turned out Everfit was the perfect place.

Andrew can showcase his logo and his company colors using Everfit’s custom branding feature. He can further promote his business and his coaching style with custom exercise videos where he, himself, demonstrates specific moves. These videos can be uploaded and stored in Everfit’s library, so Andrew can easily access and assign them to clients at any time. Finally, Everfit’s in-app messaging feature enables Andrew to respond immediately to client requests, highlighting his professionalism and boosting his trustworthiness.

Efficient & Effective Programming – with Everfit

Problem: Whiteboards and spreadsheets didn’t allow for scalable training.

Andrew spent years writing programs on whiteboards and then transferring those programs into Excel before finally delivering them to his clients. It was a three-step process and, as Andrew looked to expand his business online, he knew it was no longer feasible. 

Thankfully, Everfit had a solution.

Everfit’s intuitive workout builder allows Andrew to easily create and modify program templates. He can prepare individual templates for each client or he can use Autoflow to assign one template to all clients and then make custom modifications. Either way, the process is efficient and Andrew saves time. In addition to streamlining all aspects of programming, Everfit also increases Andrew’s productivity through automated reminders which can be sent to all clients with just the click of a button. No more busywork. No more wasted time. No more headaches. Everfit is just what Andrew was looking for.

What Andrew Loves Most about Everfit:

  1. Video Attachments: Andrew can attach a video to any message, making it incredibly convenient to share information with clients.
  2. In-app Messaging: Everfit keeps all of Andrew’s communication in one place. Now he never misses a notification and he doesn’t have to give out his personal phone number.
  3. Custom Branding : In just a few easy steps, Andrew can promote his brand within Everfit’s app. The process is straightforward and there’s no design expertise required.

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