Strength Base Uses Everfit’s Intuitive Features to Increase Client Retention by 80%

Manually typing exercises into Excel was proving to be a time-consuming task. Rob required professional software to meet the changing needs of Strength Base and its members.

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Strength Base is a private personal training facility in the south of England operated by Coach Rob Carpenter. In 2019, Rob started the company alongside two business partners to offer clients a bespoke strength training and sports therapy service. Strength Base currently employs four personal trainers who each focus on their own fitness specializations, such as powerlifting, nutrition and functional training. Rob’s specialty is in strength conditioning and soft tissue care; he brings over 10 years of experience to his practice and delivers a truly personalized experience for every client.

As the business grows, Rob intends to “reach the online masses” and capitalize on the soaring demand for online personal training.

Before Everfit, Online Coaching was Inconvenient.

Every training business encounters its own unique set of obstacles. Rob’s biggest challenges were:

  • Clients having to zoom into spreadsheet workouts on their phones
  • No software to dedicate workouts to specific individuals 
  • Finding a software team who responded swiftly to queries

Organized and Efficient Programming – with Everfit

Problem: Using Excel spreadsheets to design personal training plans

Rob previously spent hours working across Excel spreadsheets. This meant manually typing in each workout. 

Equipped with an extensive library of over 1,500 exercises, Everfit enables Rob to design training plans much more efficiently, freeing up hours of his time to focus on other key areas of his business, such as marketing and social media content.

Personalized Client Programs – with Everfit

Problem: Unable to find training software that catered to the individual

Rob was searching for software that could be specifically tailored to each client, rather than simply blueprint group workout plans.

Everfit was able to provide personalized programs for Rob’s clients across the UK, which not only accelerated the company’s online growth, but also supported the business during the pandemic disruption. 

The ability to customize workout formats, exercises, and videos for individuals made everything much more manageable for Rob. Moreover, the software has allowed his business to explore new automation features, such as progress photos and session reminders, to boost client motivation.

Quality Customer Service – with Everfit 

Problem: The need for a software team who listened.

Strength Base was searching for a responsive software company. Rob had experimented with software firms before, but he found them surprisingly difficult to contact. As such, questions were often left unresolved. 

In contrast, the Everfit team was able to respond promptly to Rob’s suggestions and implement coach and customer-friendly improvements to the app at short notice. 

This collaborative approach has encouraged a positive feedback loop and helped to make the platform more resourceful for coaches.

Improved Client Engagement and Retention – with Everfit

Problem: Using too many platforms to communicate with clients

It’s all too easy for clients to get lost across all the different communication platforms out there.

Instagram. Facebook. WhatsApp. Email. Eventually, information gets lost and messages go unread. And that’s exactly what Rob experienced, especially with his clients who don’t even use social media.

With the Everfit app, Rob can now keep track of all his clients through one platform, which has drastically improved communication. The ability to check in with disengaged members and revive their training has been crucial to make sure no one gets left behind.

What Rob Loves Most about Everfit:

  1. Autoflow: As a 24 hour staffless gym, automation is vital for Rob’s business to offer a personalized service. Software which provides automated messages and reminders is really important.
  2. Software for the client to enjoy: The client side of the app looks just as professional as the coaching side.
  3. Full workout builder: The platform has made programming so much quicker and has allowed Rob to balance his time while delivering an even better service.

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