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Build any kind of workout

Your workouts are tough, programming them shouldn’t be. Build any workout, no matter how simple or advanced.


  • Superset
  • Interval
  • HIIT

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Create a workout or program in a few clicks

Hours of work is reduced to minutes with our simple but powerful workout builder.


  • Drag and Drop
  • Copy and Paste
  • 600+ exercise videos
  • Templates
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Automate your workout program delivery

Combine workouts into weekly or monthly programs! We made it so simple to put all the pieces together.


  • Auto synced with clients

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Build adaptive programs

Whether you’re training beginners, pros, or a mix of both, our platform cuts out the busy work.


  • % 1RM Auto Progression
  • Alternate exercises
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Build your brand with custom exercises

Upload your own videos to create a personalized experience or choose from our library of 600+ exercises.

More Features

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%1RM Training

Program any exercise in seconds using our auto progression feature.

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Progress tracking

Keep clients accountable with workout history and exercise history data.

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Coach App

Message clients, monitor your schedule, and even create workouts, all from your phone!

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600+ HD Videos

Our exercise library will help your clients move safely and effectively.

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Task coaching

Motivate your clients to build and track habits with custom tasks.

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Workout comments

Get feedback from your clients after every workout.

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Introducing Autoflow

Enabling you to run online challenges to acquire new clients and automate group training tasks to nurture existing clients.

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illustration of autoflow feature on Everfit
illustration of autoflow feature on Everfit
illustration of autoflow feature on Everfit

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