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Ariella Bocian is a personal trainer and nutrition coach based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her business, hABit Consulting, focuses on helping clients develop sustainable habits which foster balance and promote self-love. Ariella works with a wide range of clients and emphasizes the importance of creating a solid foundation for one’s fitness journey. Through progressive overload, personal responsibility, and comprehensive coaching, Ariella teaches her clients how to transform and evolve.

“I help people find balance, reach goals, and create confidence in their life.”

Before Everfit, Nutrition Coaching was Nearly Impossible.

In order to be an effective nutrition coach, Ariella needed to know what her clients were eating. However, this required her to ask clients to send in screenshots of all their meals. Gathering this information was hectic and often unsuccessful. Add in the extra headache of programming workouts in Google drive and trying to embed helpful hyperlinks and Ariella was ready for a change.

Alternative Exercises & Accessible Coaching – with Everfit

Problem: Ariella needed a way to coach multiple clients at various skill levels.

Each of Ariella’s clients required something different. Some wanted nutrition coaching. Some wanted exercise guidance. Others wanted both. It was Ariella’s job to take care of all these clients at once – and she was on the lookout for software that would help.

Everfit was the perfect match.

Everfit’s powerful automation features enable Ariella to create one general 10-week program and then make personalized updates for specific individuals. For example, Everfit conveniently equips Ariella to provide alternative at-home exercises for any workout. This ensures that all her clients, regardless of their gym membership status, can participate in the prescribed program.

Similarly, Everfit’s Food Journal and Macro Tracker give Ariella deep insights into her client’s progress. She can log on anytime, anywhere, and see how her clients are advancing toward their goals. The Food Journal has (thankfully) replaced screenshots and text messages. Now Ariella can simply remind clients to upload a photo of their meal and she can comment directly on the photo in the app. It’s never been easier!

Reliable Training Metrics – with Everfit

Problem: No way to monitor client performance

Ariella knew that online training would mean more client responsibility. But even though she wouldn’t physically be there to watch every rep, she still needed to know what happened at every stage of a client’s workout. It was a tough problem to solve and Ariella immediately started looking for an online platform that could provide an innovative solution.

Thankfully, she found Everfit.

Everfit’s client dashboard highlights important data and metrics for each client. Ariella can easily see how much a client lifts, how long their workouts take, how their weight has changed over time, and other significant training factors. These metrics serve as Ariella’s eyes and ears. She notices when a client hasn’t gained strength or when a client is rushing through their exercises. She can tell when a client is making progress and when they’re stuck. 

Additionally, Ariella uses Everfit’s Habit Coaching feature to help clients implement beneficial routines into their daily lives. She can assign tasks and see when clients complete them. She can also see streaks which showcase the number of consecutive days a client adheres to a task. All of this information improves Ariella’s programming and makes her a more effective coach – which is exactly what she was looking for.

Community Engagement – with Everfit

Problem: Ariella wanted to communicate with all her clients at once.

As a personal trainer and a nutrition coach, Ariella had lots of clients doing lots of different things. She needed an efficient way to communicate with all her clients, so that none got overlooked anad everyone knew what to expect from their respective programs.

Everfit had just the thing.

Community Forums within the Everfit training platform make it possible for Ariella to send announcements to all her clients at once. She can share updates, post reminders, and generate excitement – all in one place. No more texts. No more emails. 

Better yet, Ariella can create different Community Forums for different groups of clients. She can have a Nutrition Forum and a Physical Fitness Forum. In just a few easy steps, Ariella can invite clients to join a specific forum, keeping communication simple and central.

What Ariella Loves Most about Everfit:

  1. All-in-one platform: Ariella can now keep track of all her programming and client data in one place! This improves her workflow and saves time.
  2. Personalization: Every client gets exactly what they need – which is what hABit Consulting is all about. Ariella loves that she can customize any aspect of the Everfit app.
  3. User-friendly features: Because the app is intuitive and easy to follow, Ariella is confident that her clients know what to do. She doesn’t have to worry about them being confused.

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