Everfit Nutrition Coaching: Meal Plans & Recipes

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Everfit Nutrition Coaching: Meal Plans & Recipes

Webinar Duration: 15 minutes

As the demand for comprehensive nutrition coaching grows, Everfit’s Meal Plans and Recipes feature empowers you to deliver personalized, effective nutrition solutions for your clients.

Meal Plans and Recipes, a combination of two powerful tools, make it easy to expand your offerings and add nutrition coaching to your business services. Create tailored meal plans based on macro goals and dietary preferences, and access a vast library of dietitian-approved recipes to support your clients’ nutritional needs and goals.

Learn more about Meal Plans: https://help.everfit.io/en/articles/8778043-introducing-meal-plans
Learn more about Recipes: https://help.everfit.io/en/articles/8811181-introducing-recipes

Meet your instructor.

Sam Pilkington

Everfit Product Specialist

BSC Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences.

Email: sampilkington@everfit.io

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