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step 1

Build and deliver training programs in minutes

We made it fast and easy to create, send, and track your client’s workouts.


  • Superset
  • Interval
  • HIIT

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step 2

Provide the best client experience

Empower your clients with easy workout tracking, daily reminders, progress charts, nutrition tracking, and more.


  • iOS
  • Android

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Step 3

Stay in-sync with client progress and feedback

All communication – consolidated. Send feedback with in-app messaging, and visualize progress with metric charts, progress photos, and form checks.

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step 4

Beyond just workouts, provide holistic coaching

Comprehensive tools for nutrition tracking and habit coaching to redefine your client’s fitness journey.

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Custom Branding is here!

Make a statement with your personalized logo, custom workout banner, customized email, themes, and more.

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The most powerful Coach app. Period.

Message clients, manage training, and even program workouts – all from the palm of your hand.

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What’s our heroes said

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Introducing Autoflow

Enabling you to run online challenges to acquire new clients and automate group training tasks to nurture existing clients.

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illustration of autoflow feature on Everfit
illustration of autoflow feature on Everfit

Try Everfit today

5-minute mile? Start training your clients in less time than that.

  • Train 5 clients for free
  • No credit card required


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Online Training

Building your online community has never been easier.

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In-person Training

Enhance your client’s experience with better communication.

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Sport Coaching

Bring out the best in your athletes with performance tracking.