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Let us help keep your clients on track

Keep clients motivated and accountable with automated reminders.

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  • Workout Reminders
  • Habit Reminders
  • Check-ins
  • Send Content

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A little motivation also goes a long way!

We’ll support your clients along their journey – celebrating each successful step.

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  • Personal Bests
  • Streak Days
  • Body Metrics Tracking
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Help clients build healthy habits that last

Send videos, blog posts, questionnaire links, and even recipes straight to your client’s phone.

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Real-time feedback!

From form checks to how-tos, we made it easy to share photos and videos in app.

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Food Journal

Add nutrition coaching to your programs with our habit forming food journal.

More Features

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Broadcast what’s important with video and text announcements

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Compliance Rate

We highlight the data you need – see client follow-through at a glance

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Digest Email

Daily email summaries filled with actionable data and notes

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Client App

Provide a remote training experience like no other with the best designed app

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Client engagement

Know when clients are falling behind, so you can give them a helpful nudge.

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Client analytics

Gain insight on each client’s progress and performance in a clear format

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Introducing Autoflow

Enabling you to run online challenges to acquire new clients and automate group training tasks to nurture existing clients.

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illustration of autoflow feature on Everfit
illustration of autoflow feature on Everfit

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